Shanice M. White    

I am an experienced Information Assurant, Network Integrator and Engineer who possesses a unique blend of analysis, business strategy, marketing communications and training expertise.  I have earned several industry certifications and with over 20 years of experience as a network integrator, I have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the principles, concepts and theories of network and software development techniques and systems designs as well as the ability to recognize, analyze and determine alternatives, take action and rectify problems. I ensure design decisions are evaluated analytically and in a systematic manner in accordance with approved technical approaches.

My skill set includes: network and systems security, risk management, vulnerability assessments, authentication and access control, systems monitoring, regulatory compliance, systems and integration planning, multitier network design and a blend of security technology support. If you have an interest in my highly specialized skill set, please contact me.


~~ Shanice M. White





Available for Adjunct Faculty Positions in Computer Science and Information Assurance